Friday, November 25, 2016

Refocusing During Trials

I have spent much of this morning trying to get my focus re-adjusted and came across this verse. (I was also encouraged by a post written by my friend, Ellen, about how we tend to focus on only getting out of our trials and miss so many of the things we should be thankful for). We aren't defined by what our circumstances currently look like. And God is faithful to deliver us from the "nets" (complicated circumstances/snares/trials/evil intentions that our enemy tries to trap us in). Because remember, what man intends for evil, God can turn it unto good. (Gen 50:20). No matter what you are going through, you know, and I know, it is a daily struggle to keep our eyes focused upon the Lord, so I encourage you to stay in His Word and in constant communication with God. You can talk to Him silently all throughout the day. I also know one of the purposes of our pain and trials is to encourage others. We all need the experiences of the victories of God bringing us through circumstances so we can help others someday, sooner or later. So, please, don't give up, but instead, keep your eyes lifted up. Repeat and commit to memory Colossians 3:2 or if you are really ambitious, memorize Philippians 4:8. #BeEncouraged

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