Friday, January 10, 2014

The Electronic-less Date

Electronic-less Dating

So last week my husband posted a pic of me on our "electronic-less date".  This stirred a bit of "controversy".  The question of "How'd you post that picture if you were electronic-less?" surfaced. Valid question, and I'll answer that shortly.

We've all read the articles, blog posts, etc.  about how we are too attached to our smart phones, how we need to lift our eyes and heads up out of our 'electronic unconsciousness' and give those we love and live with our FULL 100%  UNDIVIDED attention.  Easier said than done, I know.  I love my phone and am amazed and thrilled at the technological advances in which I am able to participate.  But, I will admit, often it becomes a chore to be constantly connected.  We feel the 'technology peer-pressure' to socially keep up, to check the latest updates, and to always know the breaking news story.  Sometimes it's just plain tiresome and I just have to reply, "No, I have not seen the latest drama status update. Nor do I want to!"  In reality, how life changing is that information?

My husband and I spend a lot of time apart.  We both work separate jobs full time and he travels a lot.  So I know how ridiculous it is for us to spend the precious time we do have together with our noses in our phones! I'd much rather look at that "intoxicatingly" handsome face of his, AND I'd much rather him gaze into my baby blue eyes! SERIOUSLY!

Now last Friday night wasn't a pre-planned electronic-less date.  It just kind of happened out of necessity because I had to charge my phone. So, I boldly made the proclamation that I wasn't going to take my phone on our date.  I was going to be electronic-less.  Yes, I could have charged my phone a bit in the car on the way to dinner, but I decided to leave it at home and deal with not being able to electronically "check in" at our favorite sushi place, or be able to post a car "selfie" of us on date night (our family has a LOT of car selfies, thanks to yours truly).  I was actually looking forward to it!

My husband has a work cell phone and a personal cell phone.  He only took the personal cell with him in case the boys needed us, and it stayed in his pocket the entire date with the exception of snapping a picture of me at the ice cream parlor.  (It wasn't posted til the following day, contrary to what some believe - that time and date stamp you saw was the time and date stamp of when the picture was snapped - just sayin'!)

I have to honestly say it was so freeing and RELAXING not to have my phone with me, not to be checking it every few minutes!  I loved the experience and will do again and again.  (And this is coming from a girl who will take her cell phone over her wallet when she leaves the house!)

So let me challenge you to be a little bit more "electronic-less". (No, I'm not going to say every time you are out with your spouse  leave all electronics at home.  I'm realistic and will most likely have my device (a.k.a. vice) with me this weekend.)

Here is your challenge, should you choose to accept it:

In the next week, go on an electronic-less date with your spouse, even if it's just for a cup of coffee.  And please report back to us that you did and how it went.  We would love to hear from you!  Now for some of you, it might feel a little awkward to stare into your love's eyes for so long, but you'll both get used to it, and, with practice, come to really enjoy it.  It's a simple way to show your spouse they are THAT IMPORTANT.  As for a daily challenge, spend some time, at least once a day, with your spouse WITHOUT checking your phone, tablet, email, etc.  Just spend 15 minutes reconnecting with your spouse and it just may, very well, become your favorite part of the day.  

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